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Breed specific Training and Behavioural AdviceAssessing around stock

Border Collie Rescue has been helping Border Collies, sheepdogs and their owners with problems since its formation in 1976.
We may be able to assist you with advice on behavioural problems, training problems and understanding the needs and reactions of your Border Collie.

Another of our websites - Border Collie Rescue On Line - has an extensive 'Breed Advice' section. Please visit this section using this link to see if there is any information there that may help your situation.

If you need further advice or help, telephone our weekly advice line - details below.

Telephone advice line -

Border Collie Rescue runs a weekly telephone advice line for training advice or for people with dogs suffering from behavioural issues.
The advice line offers individual advice to those experiencing problems with Border Collies or Working Sheepdogs.

We do not give Veterinary or Medicinal advice. For responsible advice on these matters you should consult a qualified Veterinary Practitioner - or The PDSA if you are in receipt of Council Tax Relief or Housing Benefit.
See our 'Links' section for further information and contacts

If you intend to use the advice line, please gather to hand as much clear information as possible about the dog, its background, circumstances, environment, routines, diet, issues, etc. as these factors may have a bearing on the problem.
You can expect to be asked lots of questions and it will speed things up if you have the information to hand.

Advice is only given directly over the telephone or in person - we cannot respond to written enquiries, but if you are intending to call the line, you are welcome to email though information about the issue in advance, which may also save time when you phone, but please do not expect advice by email in response.
Giving advice by email is much slower than telephone and we are always short of time in Border Collie Rescue!

To use our Advice Line you would need to call us on a Thursday afternoon on 0845 6044941 between 2pm and 4pm.
Border Collie Rescue makes no charge for telephone support or advice.

One to one sessions for training, assessment and behavioural issues -

If you need more than advice, you may be able to book your dog (and yourself) in for a one to one session to help you with the problem or issue you are facing.

We offer sessions on a one to one basis at our Swaledale centre by appointment. These sessions can be booked for training, stock working assessments or behavioural problems and are 1 to 2 hrs. in duration.

Sessions are normally only available in the afternoons of Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Occasionally a Saturday appointment can be fitted in.
Generally we accept bookings a month in advance, but sometimes they can be arranged at shorter notice if there is a cancellation or in an emergency.

This service carries a fee. For more details of this service - phone our advice line.
One to One bookings are only made if telephone advice has not resolved the issue.

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