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News about Border Collies and general Animal Welfare

This page contains links to stories about Border Collies and welfare issues that affect Scotland

Some of these are fun, some interesting, even inspiring and some reflect the blacker side of human nature that is revealed when animals come into contact or control of people who want to exploit them or are just plain nasty and immoral.

The headlines should give you some idea of which side of the fence it's about.

Glasgow vet and dog banned from pole-dancing at fundraiser by Kennel Club - routine too raunchy
Rebecca Kennedy and Izzy were told their pole-dancing routine was 'not suitable for family audiences'

Sheep worrying breakthrough
MSP Emma Harper announced a consultation towards strengthening the rules on responsible dog ownership around livestock and wildlife.

Outrage as Dogs Trust tries to torpedo the most important dog welfare measure for years
Campaigners "sickened" as Dogs Trust lobbies MPs against the Lucy's Law campaign to stop the horrors of puppy farming.

SNP MSP wants change in law to stamp out 'puppy farms'
Christine Grahame wants a new law which will make it a requirement for anyone who breeds and sells dogs to either have a license or be registered with authorities.

Tossing up a ton o’fun at the Scottish Games
Savannah, Georgia, USA celebrates a Scottish presence going back to Oglethorpe

Convicted drug dealer turned dog breeder could see £180k kennels bulldozed over puppy farm fears
Scott Bennett, 37, claims his crime days are behind him but authorities fear a serious drug runner is moving into large scale puppy breeding.

Michael Gove in U-turn over shock collars for dogs and cats
Business and money take presidence over sensible, reasoned, good animal welfare practices - again!

North-east pair to fight effort to re-home nearly 100 dogs from alleged puppy farm
Two people involved with an alleged puppy farm in Aberdeenshire are to fight a bid to re-home nearly a hundred dogs.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shares ‘anger’ over hare culling footage
Nicola Sturgeon has said legislation to protect mountain hares is among options being examined by the Scottish Government

Fox hunting protesters march in Edinburgh
The protesters took to the streets of Edinburgh to urge the Scottish Government to strengthen the law.

Two reported to prosecutors over 'puppy farm' raid
Two people have been reported to the procurator fiscal after dozens of dogs and puppies were seized at an alleged puppy farm in Aberdeenshire.

Scotland needs its own law to protect puppies
DOGS, as we all know, are our best friends. Ginger the actual Wee Ginger Dug is the independence movement’s best friend.

Why Rescue Groups Should Be Regulated
The time has come to stop assuming that all rescue groups, shelters and humane societies are inherently a positive force in the lives of pets.
This article from the USA has a great deal of relevance to us here in the UK as many unreulated non-charitable rescues profit by exploiting
strays and people who find themselves in the situation of having to part with a much loved dog they can no longer look after.

Dumfries House recruit is top dog
There are staff from numerous backgrounds at the Estate but Border Collie sheepdog Gel is a different breed of worker.

Animal welfare protections won't survive post-Brexit
FARMED ANIMALS are being readied for "sacrifice on the altar of free trade", according to a leading Green Party MEP.

Farm animal welfare takes precedence over right of access in Scotland
Anyone accessing farmland should be aware they are crossing a place of rural business and treat it respectfully

Dundee family issue warning after pet dog Sully ‘poisoned’ in garden
A family has warned dog owners to be vigilant amid fears their pet was deliberately poisoned — leaving him battling for his life.

Could your dog be DNA tested if suspected of a livestock attack?
Dog owners could see pets DNA tested and find themselves tried by judge and jury under new policing recommendations to stop attacks on farm animals.